Is there any point in faith

Is there any point in faith,
When every day we bleed for the truth?
When asked if you feel completed,
Do you hear the lies you tell?

Through injustice we become strong.
We search ourselves, yet rely on another.
We are looking to be saved.
But we want to destruct.

We're incapable of the truth, yet we long for it.
We rage against fate, yet were helpless to change it.
We're scared to fail, yet we hope for it.
We feel human, but we long to be gods.

We scream at the sky, crying out for help.
We long to feel safe.
Children know nothing of the pain to come.
The inevitable end of it all.

We will fear nothing.
Safe in the arms of the oceans of time.
We have made our stand against the world.
Self disappears inside.

We crucify humans to cleanse our fears.
Rivers of red flow to absolve.
Scarred skin carved to absolve.
A mistake in blood to pray for life.

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