Take what you can get

A temporary distraction only one step up from opportunity.
Love designed for fun becomes something true.
Enjoy life, make guilt fun.

A romantic conclusion triggers red lies.
The scarlet lipstick outlook we should feel.
Never forget we are animals who share a few moments.

Forget the rare, just look for your moneys worth.
Revel in the fact that it’s painful because it’s good.
Only civilise yourself for someone worth taking.

The mistress of a kind world can’t have enough
Strangers should steal kisses and emotions.
Wanting happiness,
wanting to lose chemical unbalance.

Blue serotonin is raising my levels,
being every bit involved.
The pleasant feeling is no longer enough.

But getting even never stops,
and I am happy to drown myself.
You shouldn’t start thinking of regarding my figure.

Just grab any life.
Help give at least.

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